Project in a Box FAQ

Is this a tax-deductible donation?

Yes! 80% of your Project in a Box payment is a donation that supports HandsOn Bay Area programs, and the items you create will benefit the community. Your kit will contain an acknowledgment letter.

How long does a Project in a Box take to complete?

We estimate it will take each group an average of 2 hours to complete each Project in a Box option. **Please note that each group is different and more or less people may participate which will affect the completion time. HandsOn Bay Area recommends establishing a set time and location to complete the project together. With each project option, an appropriate amount of supplies will be provided for a group of that size.

What is my responsibility?

  • A room with tables

  • Getting your team to participate

  • Packing up the finished product into the box provided and scheduling a pickup through

How long will it take to receive our Project in a Box once we have paid?

Please allow up to 2 weeks or 10 business days for the order to be assembled and shipped UPS ground. Orders needed under our two week time frame are on a case-by-case basis and subject to an additional 10% expedited processing charge.*

* For orders outside the Bay Area, additional shipping charges may apply.

Can we send a check to pay for our Project in a Box?

Yes, please contact us at to coordinate your payment.

Will this go to a local charity?

Yes, HandsOn Bay Area will locate a deserving charity in your area to accept your generous donation.

How will the charity know it comes from us?

We will provide a blank card for your team-members to sign and give to the benefitting charity. Additionally, after the box is sent back to HandsOn Bay Area, we prepare each donation with a label on the box indicating your group as the donors. 

Will there be instructions provided?

Yes, HandsOn Bay Area will provide you with written instructions and a finished example. We will also include a contact number with the written instructions for any questions that arise during your project.

Will I need to provide supplies?

No, the HandsOn Bay Area Project in a Box will contain all necessary supplies to successfully complete the project.

What if I'm missing something?

We will have a packing sheet inside that you can reference.  If anything is missing just call the contact number provided and we will send it to you.

Additional questions, comments?

Please email us at